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Since we want to be your newest and final psychic network choice, we put our heads together and contrasted our methods with some of the most popular misconceptions, schemes, hooks and questionable methods that some ethically questionable psychic networks employ. These are some things you should keep in mind when choosing your psychic network.

psychic_button Professional authentic live psychics!!

(Not an automated reading of your daily newspaper horoscope. Our psychics are live psychic human beings.)

psychic_button You can talk to your psychic 24 hours / 7 days a week!!

(That is right! No 9 to 5 here. Our network has turned global and this means there ARE NO "off times".  ANYTIME you feel like calling is probably EXACTLY the time you need to call. So go ahead and call when you need to.)

USA:  1-888-544-7555, 1-800-952-6338, 1-888-444-2200
USA:  1-900-990-7217
888/800 is $3.99 per minute. 900 is $4.99 per minute. Must be 18 yrs old.
psychic_button We have repeat callers!!

(Our callers know a good thing when they hear it and we feel that the best measure of our psychics is how often you call! Why would we give you shoddy advice or mislead you when we realize all you have to do is not call back? This is why ours call back again and again and again...)

psychic_button We offer to you no gimmicks!!

(We won't give you a crystal pendant or a calling card for calling us. You will never call us for a free 3 minute reading and then have a surprise waiting for you in your next credit card statement. You get only what you call for, what you pay for -- Authentic psychic advice and guidance!  )

psychic_button We do not offer exaggerations!!

(Our psychics are genuine! GREAT! ...NOT apocalyptic prophets for goodness sake...well, maybe a couple. Bottom line is if you don't listen to our psychics they can't help! You  have to help us help you and no infomercial in the world can promise to help those who don't want the help.)

psychic_button We take no celebrity endorsements!!

(Wouldn't you rather have your money go toward quality psychic abilities rather than a celebrity or a misleadingly faked accented actor we have to pay to tell YOU you should call? )

psychic_button We don't like busy signals!!

(We want you to know how good our psychics are and that means being able to get through! You will not get busy signals!)

psychic_button It's confidential!! (Read our Privacy Policy here!)

(No mailing lists, no announcements that you've called to other companies. These other guys may want your credit card information specifically for these reasons. It's quite a scam. When you call us for psychic advice, that is ALL we're selling -- Genuine psychic advice!)

psychic_button There are no minimum minutes to buy!! No clubs to join!

(No "Free 5 minute" gimmicks. No charging for 7 when you were on for 5! We're upfront because we're the real thing, we know it, our customers know it, and we have the repeat callers to prove it!!)


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Live Psychics Standing By 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Call right now!

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