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Psychics Authentic Policies

Calling us - When you call our company for a Psychic Reading  you will NOT need to divulge information for purposes other than your reading. If you choose to dial into the 1-800 or 1-888 psychic line, you will either need a credit card or checking account for access. [This does not apply to any 1-900 line.] Your name, address, and account information will NEVER be sold, rented, or otherwise distributed to outside parties. 

PSYCHIC CALLERS: Depending upon what sort of reading, the psychic may ask your name, birthday, and may tell you very personal and highly sensitive matter about yourself. This is normal and to be expected. You have the right to not divulge information or verification as to what our psychic may reveal to you, though. Depending upon the rapport you gain with the psychic, will reflect your comfort in acknowledging that what s/he has just said to be true. PRIVACY POLICY maintains, however, that is UP TO YOU! (Example: Psychic just tells you about your child getting an "F" in Math and you are embarrassed by this. You do NOT have to acknowledge it.) This is an UPLIFTING, INSIGHTFUL, and AWAKENING time for you! You never have to say anything you are uncomfortable saying. Speak with your psychic as s/he goes along and let them know, so THEY can better serve YOU!

Requesting your psychic carrying cards:  Your name and address will never be used for anything other than the purpose you describe on the form. Your name (and/or address) will not  be divulged or sold to other mailing companies. You must be aware however, that the form is not on a secure server but this is no more risky than sending an e-mail without PGP or other encryption. 

Browsing the website:  Browsing this (or mirror sites) you may have at times noticed various counters or trackers or banners. Our privacy policy here is simple: We don't know who are you and unless you attempt malicious damage to the system we'll never know. The statistics we collect are simply for the purposes of aggregate collection and advertising honing and not used to identify any one person. We do not report habits of surfing to any 3rd party nor do we share anything else about you to any 3rd party. Be aware that links from this website to other sites [ie, network banner ads] have content that is not under our control. We have no control over any website not originating with They may have completely different policies that you may need to familiarize yourself with.

Children (COPPA):  We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13. We do not solicit information from children under the age of 13. We require that all people requesting cards from us be at least 18 years old. If you are a parent and have questions regarding this policy please email us.

Email Policy: Your email will never be sold, distributed, rented, or placed outside of our internal system. We are vehement opponents of spam and unsolicited email advertisements. If you give us your email address, for any reason, be aware you will not be signing up for any lists unless you have specifically requested. Further, we automatically note originating IP addresses in order to detect malicious users from offering other persons email addresses as a form of harassment. If you feel this has occurred, let us know.

SPAM/UCE/UBE/Postal: We don't do it.  If we ever, in the future, offer services that require an email address our policy will continue to stand. [See Email Policy] If you've signed up for free cards we may have your address on file but again, it is not sold, rented, leased, or otherwise distributed to anyone outside of our internal company. We will not send unsolicited email as it's only used for the purpose you specify. Take comfort in knowing that no information you provide us [PARTNER affiliations included] will leave outside this realm! Not to boast, but not ALL psychic networks can claim that. From time to time we may utilize your postal address for news you may be interested in. Because the internet is the only way in which we currently collect your address (when you sign up for free cards) please be aware that  in order to be removed from any mailers, which are very infrequent, you must email us.

Email with any further questions or concerns.


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