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Psychics and intuitives are willing to share with you some of their thoughts and methods. These articles may not be necessarily psychic in nature, per se, but allow for spiritual growth and enlargement which we feel are fundamental to psychic attributes. If you want step by step instruction on how to go about developing your psychic gifts please visit Psychics Reveal How to be your Own Psychic.

Please read the entire program before doing the suggested meditations in order to enable you to have a better understanding of the information. The information you are about to read is of little value to you unless you apply it. YOU must do your part. (As the old cliche goes: "Anything that is worth having is worth working for!") If we let it, the mind can give us anything that we ask! People function at one-tenth consciousness and at most one-tenth of their abilities. Everyone has tremendous latent powers within their subconscious mind. It is truly unfortunate that most people are not taught how to contact it. This is what I will hope to help YOU achieve. Are you serious about contacting your sub-conscious and thereby acquiring apparently miraculous results in your life? If so...please progress to the next section. If not, please re-read this preface with the understanding that this psychic who developed this program has spent twenty years honing his own abilities using this very same methodology. This is NOT a one night progression. Did you learn to read in one night? Speak in one night? Walk in one night? What we are doing is *re-programming* your brain. We will be reprogramming your brain in order to better serve your needs. This, of course, takes time and practice.

You must be "willing" to absorb new knowledge. You must "open your mind" to new ideas. You must "imagine". You must "visualize" that the knowledge is "flowing into you". This may sound new age but it's not. Sages throughout history and sages
today know this one invaluable secret!

It is important you at least are open in this respect or else further reading for you will be non-productive. You must be willing to put aside your old ideas, your thoughts, and your prejudices that your family or society has taught you. Can you do that? If so, skip the next section and head to Meditation.

If not, or you're unsure as to whether you can - or even should! - truly let go of [some of?] your old ideas, I highly recommend reading this article that a friend wrote. It's about a book that changed her life and admittedly, mine. I used to struggle with my 6th sense as I noticed it only seemed to operate in times of stress or turmoil and even then, it seemed to operate more from survival than it did for freedom. Think of the difference as running from pain versus running to freedom; It may look the same to an outside party but inside, all the difference. After this book and the application of its principles, I began being open to the freedom of my abilities.


Meditation has many different uses and it can be applied into practically every aspect of your life. Children do it naturally. Have you ever watched a child so absorbed in play that he isn't even aware of anything beyond his fascination with his toys? If someone was to walk up behind him, the child would be startled. Meditation requires that you acquire this type of absorption. This absorption is what refreshes and heals. Meditation is a very powerful tool. As our muscles relax, our mind will quiet down and our sagging spirits will revive. We are once again in control of our lives.

Scientific research has repeatedly proven that meditation has many great benefits such as:

  • slowing down our aging process
  • alleviating pain
  • letting us get by on less sleep
  • lowering our serum cholesterol level
  • reducing bacteria levels in our saliva thereby fewer cavities
  • increasing blood flow to brain making us smarter
  • better memory plus many, many more benefits too numerous to mention

Everyone who meditates on a daily basis claims different benefits he or she acquired in these four levels: emotional - mental - physical - spiritual.


Learning to meditate can be fun and exciting, but you must keep these three important factors in mind at all times:

  1. POSTURE - the important thing is to keep your spine straight because this positions your nerves just right and helps keep you alert.

  2. BREATH - after you have relaxed your body, you want your breathing to be slow, even and diaphragmatic. By controlling the breath, you directly influence the autonomic processes in your body, like immunity, circulation and digestion. Breathing is the one body function that is both voluntary and automatic.

  3. ATTITUDE - Try to have a relaxed, confident attitude before you start to meditate. Don't worry about "doing it exactly as outlined". Just do your best and with time you will discover the method that is "perfect for you".

As a beginner, you will notice that your thoughts keep wondering in one direction, then another. Keep returning your attention, as best as you can, to the objective of your meditation. (Whether it is your mantra or visualization, which we will discuss later.) DAYDREAMING while meditating will not produce the same results.

This meditation is very powerful. It is designed especially to help you overcome your inability to quiet your mind. Quieting the mind is one of the greatest stumbling blocks, which must be overcome in order to enable you to get the most out of meditation. When your thoughts wonder, return your attention to the mantra and begin again. Do not get upset or angry with yourself, simply start over. Before doing any meditations, one should mentally say a prayer. This prayer is very effective: "In the name of the holy ghost and with the aid of my spirit guides, I draw into my body white light for strength, guidance and protection. Thank you." Repeat this prayer several times - while mentally visualizing white light entering your body from the top of your head, slowly penetrating your entire body then slowly extending outwards, until your entire body is completely surrounded in white light approximately three feet all around you.

This meditation should be done every morning, before eating, for ten minutes, gradually increasing time up to twenty minutes. This meditation will tend to keep you awake longer so if you decide to do it in the evening please do it before your evening meal. Now that you have decided to meditate, choose a comfortable chair which allows you to sit upright, loosen or remove any tight clothing. If you are extra tense, you can shrug your shoulders, roll your neck and use your favorite body stretches.

  1. Inhale a deep breath to the count of four and slowly exhale to the count of six. Repeat five times.
  2. Assume normal breathing.
  3. Close your eyelids and focus your eyes upwards to third eye. This is the point between eyelashes directly above the bridge of the nose.
  4. Let your chin rest on your chest, head relaxed downward.
  5. Let your hands rest easily on your lap, palms turned upwards as a sign of receptivity.
  6. Make sure your spine is upright and also have the bottom of your feet rest on the floor thereby keeping you grounded.
  7. Your mantra is the word "aum". Mentally repeat this word over and over without moving your lips or tongue. As you are mentally repeating your mantra "aum - aum - aum", if other thoughts enter just gently push them aside.

By doing this MANTRA Meditation on a daily basis, you will feel inner peace, inner serenity. This inner serenity will glow to such an extent outwardly, your friends man even comment on it. I cannot repeat this enough, "This meditation is very powerful". Within thirty days, you yourself will surely notice a lot of little changes, all positive changes and just by doing this "MANTRA Meditation". You will surely notice its "miraculous healing powers awakening within you".


God is the maximum creator. You have the ability that God gave you "in his image." Therefore you can create. You can close your eyes and create even the idea of a rabbit with wings can't you? Can you manifest that idea by painting or drawing? It's this psychic's experience that the pneumatic beings are the most creative as we are the ones closer to our realization of the "holy spirit" within us all.

If you can't bring yourself to the state to practice meditation in the stillness - as in above - I suggest guided meditations via CD's or tapes. This seeker utilized the following due to his inability to sit still, still being of the A.D.D. type. So at night, during bedtime, which is when most of us are closest to our authentic selves [in the dream state] is how I was able to find and tap into my creative subconscious. And this is what enabled my previously closed mind to open. As it opened, new ideas and new awareness's began to flow. Below are some examples found at Amazon.

The serious meditator has one corner of a room or a small closet as his own "inner sanctuary". In this room, you should have a small table - covered with a white cloth. Upon this white cloth, you should also place a picture or a statue of Jesus or Buddha or whoever represents your God. Whatever your belief, this is done merely as a symbol of GOODNESS. This greatly enhances your ability to meditate peacefully. To enable you to have better control of the subject of your meditation, you have to insulate yourself from outside influences. This is done by wearing a robe covering you from head to foot. This robe should also have a hood to go over your head. You can use a spare bedsheet or blanket for this purpose. Whatever you use, whether you buy a robe, or make your own, this robe must be used for meditation only. You must not wear it for any other purposes. It should also be kept safely away so that no one else can touch it or use it, because if another person touches it or tries it on, you then have that person's influence in the robe - which you are trying to avoid - and so you have another obstacle. By meditating under this insulated, isolated condition, you are immune from outside influences. You may meditate with a loved one BUT it is strongly advised NOT to meditate in large groups because your meditation will be influenced by their thoughts.

The mind can give you all that you ask, providing you follow certain laws of nature. There is nothing mystical about this. Ordinary people from all walks of life have applied these principals and achieved their desired goals plus much more.

The Master Plan

You must know what you want, you must say what you want, you must write what you want and you must visualize what you want. Decide precisely what you want, be absolutely definite: What exactly do you want? You must state exactly what you want. You must visualize it - picture it in your mind - and hold that picture firmly before you.

  • In order to receive you must give. What are you going to give?
  • Your time limit must be feasible. You cannot expect it in five minutes. In (X) amount of months or weeks practically anything is possible.
  • What are you going to do to realize your ambition?
  • The written word is stronger than the spoken word BUT the two together are an unbeatable combination.

Do you want a new car, house, or even more money?

Do you appreciate what you already do have? Or do you curse your current car or house for example? If you curse what you have while praying to God for something better, it has been my personal experience - and others too! - that this does not work. Let's say your broken down klunker from 1976 is on it's last leg. When it finally does start, pray to God a sincere "Thank you!" and then keep your eyes and ears open for some universal, perhaps even supernatural?, deal of a lifetime! Watch how this works! It's an amazing and yet very simple occurrence that happens day after day in the lives of people who actively cultivate gratitude.

Do you want to attract love?

Do you love yourself? Sounds simple and perhaps silly but if you're desiring to attract love because you feel as if you haven't any, what would attract another person to you? Are you surly, difficult, argumentative or bitter? I can't think of many people who would be eager to put that on their resume for their list of "attractive characteristics" in a person. On the other hand, are you overly agreeable, terminally positive, and vivacious in all of your ways? There's nothing wrong with being who you absolutely are. There are three "secrets" though: You must love who you are , you must extend love to others based on who they are, and you must actively appreciate the people who do love you.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to eliminate bad habits?

Are you beginning to see a theme here? First we must appreciate what we do have. Then we must give thanks and appreciation for it actively.

If you want more money you must state exactly how much you want. Do not state "I want about one million dollars." This is not definite. You be specific! In order to receive you must GIVE. Are you willing to help less fortunate people? If you willingly give to less fortunate without expecting anything in return, if you willingly help the less fortunate, you will definitely receive much much more. This is one of nature's laws.

Supposing you want to lose weight. Are you willing to exercise and control diet? Are you looking for a husband or wife? If so, are you prepared to do your share to make a success of marriage? Do you have any bad habits? Are you willing to try to eliminate them? Now that you have decided exactly what you want - write it down as clearly and simply as possible. At the end, write: "I will give that I may receive." Read this daily in the privacy of your room. Do not let anyone see your plan. As you read your MASTER PLAN, feel it and be positive about it. Imagine that your plan is actually within your grasp. Believe in your plan. Do not let doubts enter. By adopting this plan, you will drive the thoughts into your sub-conscious and your sub-conscious will help you more than you can possibly imagine.

This meditation should be done every night for thirty (30) minutes. Re-read your written MASTER PLAN. This meditation is the same as your MANTRA Meditation except, instead of repeating MANTRA, you will now use your powers of visualization.

  1. Inhale a deep breath to the count of four and slowly exhale to the count of six. Repeat five times.
  2. Assume normal breathing.
  3. Close your eyelids and focus your eyes upwards to third eye. This is the point between eyelashes directly above bridge of nose.
  4. Let your chin rest on your chest, head relaxed downwards.
  5. Let your hands rest easily on your lap, palms turned upwards as a sign of receptivity.
  6. Make sure your spine is upright and also have the bottom of your feet rest on the floor thereby keeping you grounded.
  7. Now, visualize your MASTER PLAN. Visualize yourself on a large screen. You can now see yourself on a large screen, see the screen surrounded in white. See all your dreams, all your goals on this screen. See yourself wealthy, slim or with a partner. Whatever your plans, whatever your desires: see them on the screen. What can you see? What can you smell? What can you hear? What colors do you see?
  • The more you practice this visualization, the sooner it will become reality.
  • The power of visualization is very real - THOUGHTS are stronger than words. If, at first you are having difficulty visualizing believe you can and you will.
  • Visualization must be practiced every day. People are unaware of its true power. If you are having difficulty, practice the following:

Close your eyes:
- Visualize an apple. Visualize the color red.
- Visualize an orange. Visualize the color orange.
- Visualize a banana. Visualize the color yellow.
- Visualize a tree. Visualize the color green.
- Visualize the sky. Visualize the color blue.
- Visualize a plum. Visualize the color purple.
- Visualize a violet. Visualize the color violet.
- Visualize a wedding gown. Visualize the color white.

If you can visualize any of the above, you can visualize anything. Believe you can and you will. We have discussed two meditations. By doing the MANTRA every morning and the VISUALIZATION every night, you are programming your sub-conscious to give you all that you ask. Nowadays many people think that money is everything. As long as one has enough money to feed, clothe and provide shelter, one should be grateful. We never have too much spirituality, we never have too much purity of thought and we never help others too much because in helping others we are helping ourselves. Now that you know the MASTER PLAN, it is suggested that you choose your desires with goodness for all as the main theme. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Do You Want To See Clairvoyantly?

Here is a little exercise which will enable you to do so. Do you have a crystal? If not, a diamond ring with one stone will be fine. You need something that shines.

  1. You are completely relaxed sitting in your meditation chair. You are holding the crystal in the palm of your hand.
  2. The lighting is so low that you can barely see the outline of the crystal. You know that you are holding it. You know you can see "something".
  3. Look into the crystal without trying to see anything. Look into the crystal as though you were looking in the far distance. (MILES AWAY.)
  4. As you keep looking into the crystal, it will gradually cloud, and you will then notice white clouds forming. Keep looking. Suddenly, the crystal will appear to be full of milk.
  5. This is the critical time. Do not jerk. Do not let yourself become alarmed.
  6. Then, as if by magic, the whiteness rolls away - the same as curtains being drawn to disclose a stage.
  7. The crystal has apparently vanished because you now see the world. You now appear to be looking down upon the world. You will have a sensation of falling. Do not be frightened. Do not jerk. Remain in control. (Otherwise, you will have to start over on a different day.)
  8. Suddenly you are in a scene on earth. Regardless of the scene, do not be alarmed. No harm can come to you. Although you will not hear a sound, you will know everything that is being said.

So it is that we see in clairvoyance.

This exercise is easy providing you have faith. Even the skeptic will see results. Believe you can and you will. You will be able to see anything that has ever happened and anything that will ever happen.

You want to make progress? Then you have to abide by certain rules - you have to keep calm, you have to take the middle road. Some people try so hard that they cannot "see the wood for the trees". Others are so lazy that "nothing at all is done."

Go somewhere between the two extremes and your progress will be remarkable.


Do you remember your dreams? The true meaning of your dreams will not be found in some book written by someone else. Searching deeply and clearly yourself, you will discover their meanings.

Within weeks, you'll be able to predict many events in your life simply by being aware of the true meaning of your dreams. If you have difficulty recalling dreams, mentally, repeat to yourself before sleep: "I will recall all my dreams upon awakening and I will also know their meaning". Repeat seven times.

Keep pen and pad beside bed. Upon awakening, remain in bed, keep eyes closed and jot down all major events in your dreams. If you have difficulty recalling dreams, think of important people, places or events in your life. This will often jog your dream memory. Whatever you remember, write it down.

Many dreams will be easy for you to define because they will deal with your inner dreams, desires and fears. By examining yourself you will recognize these dreams immediately.

Every night in your dream journal, record your day's activities, etc., the same as you would if it were a diary. By doing this you will soon learn the true meaning of your dreams. Certain symbols in your dreams will always pertain to the same meaning. This daily analysis will greatly enhance your ability to predict many events in your life.

DREAMS: Astral Projection or Out of Body Experience [OBE] Dreams
I am of the opinion that astral projection and obe occurs primarily of the pneumatic. I have never known someone who cannot recall their dreams and yet experience astral and obe's. You may have had astral and obe's and yet did not know the name of it. I remember as a child when I did not know that's what they were and I remember asking and being baffled that most of my relatives never even dreamed! I dream in color and I remember details about my dreams. Do not feel scared or alone if this is what you have discovered about yourself. I do that too! So do others! Just means we're more in tune with our spirit [or have a really open crown chakra].

The author of this dream section remembers when she had a dream about her Aunt passing away. She woke up and asked her mother if Aunt Lucy had died. Her mother told her no and looked quite puzzled. Later on in the day, as a friend was visiting the author, the phone rang. The author told her friend, "That's the news that my Aunt Lucy has just passed." As she heard her mother crying she understood it to be true.

This is simply our spiritual connection being in tune with our world. Not quite hocus pocus or New Age is it? Have you ever had a dream involving someone you did not know? You were probably either in an astral projection witnessing them as you were spirit or you were in tune with something spiritual. We don't have the answers to all things spiritual or dreamy but is it not exciting to know we have access to our spirit this way? So pay attention to your dreams! It's not your brain being bored, it's your spirit soaring! Believe this and another door has opened!

Do you have a major problem in your life? A minor problem? If it really bothers you and you really want an answer, before bedtime mentally repeat to yourself: "Tonight in my dreams I will be shown the answer or solution. I shall wake up in the morning with full recall. Thank you." Repeat seven times.


The earth is like a magnet. It has a North Pole and a South Pole. You probably know that in the Northern Hemisphere, water runs down the drain in a clockwise direction and counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. this North-South magnetism also has a great effect on humans.

Did you know that by sleeping with your head facing North and your feet facing South, your body requires less sleep or should we say your body will be rejuvenated much more with the same amount of sleep. If you are ever in a mild or serious difference of opinion with anyone, always try to be sitting or standing or whatever, on the north side of the person. This way you will win the argument or at least it will be a draw. Experiment with this North-South and then you will realize its true power. The MANTRA and VISUALIZATION programs are very powerful. It is hard to change the habits of a lifetime overnight. It requires discipline. This discipline will pay for itself beyond your wildest dreams - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. While in altered states, secrets will be revealed to you but only when you are ready for them.

Many psychics - seers - fortune tellers - whatever you want to call them have developed their abilities by following this program. The authors did and you can too! Practice is key. You have the tools this point it's simply a matter of applying them. Apply them.

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