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Are you willing to share some of your thoughts, stories, or experiences of being psychic, intuitive, or spiritual? Sharing with others some of your thoughts and methods may help to encourage a better world and place for all of us to live in.
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Here are some article suggestions:
  • Have you had difficulty but your gifts have made things easier or have helped you?
  • Did you realize your gifts at a younger age and had difficulty?
  • Any dreams of prophecy or practice with astral projection?
  • Any books or mentors that helped to develop your psychic abilities or heightened awareness?
  • How would you speak to someone who doesn't feel as if they fit in with their abilities?
  • How would you teach a teenager she's different but not defective?
  • How did you develop and hone your psychic or intuitive gifts?
  • Share a story or experience with the paranormal, ESP, dreaming-world, ghosts, or matters of a metaphysical or paranormal quality. Everyone loves a good and true story!
The ideal article need not be necessarily psychic in nature, per se, but would allow for hope, faith, intuitive understanding, spiritual growth, and spiritual enlargement which we feel are fundamental to psychic attributes. The ideal psychic-development article could also be purely psychic in nature, offering step by step instruction on how you have been successful in developing your own psychic or intuitive gifts. Telling a story is easy but the hard part comes in on relating what it has meant to you...for example, did you grow from it? Did you learn to listen to your intuitive or 6th sense more often?
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